Good news, everyone: you can adopt a pet Siberian fox over the internet for a mere $5,950.

But you'd better pick up all those thousand dollar bills you just spread out on the counter in a dazzling fan shape, Mr. Showoff, because first there are some things you should know about keeping a precious SibFox as a pet:

  • They'll snuggle on your bed with you just like a cat. Aw.
  • They don't like tomatoes or potatoes, but they do like canned dog food. Suit yourselves, you crazy foxes.
  • Foxes get along well with cats and dogs. At least that's what the website says, but see if it holds true when your fox starts encroaching on your cat's snugglezone and eating your dog's dinner.
  • It takes 1-3 months to deliver a fox. Let's hope that doesn't mean putting a fox in a box and letting it trickle through the mail system extra-slowly like a very sad Dr. Seuss story. Realistically, it probably takes 1-3 months because everyone wants to hug it along the way. Fox hugs across America.
  • Keep your fox away from Jennifer Lopez, who is known to use their fur as false eyelashes like some kind of maniac. But do brush it often and lovingly!
  • You can walk your fox on a leash.

Ahead, more adorable fox pups!