Sunglasses: Functional, fashionable. Shield your eyes from harmful, cancerous rays sent by our evil sun and look great while you do it. Stay cool and be cool (or just a weirdo, depending on your fashion palette) with these super ridiculous sunglasses.

There are two options for this style: the sunglasses, and the 'I-have-a-clear-piece-of-plastic-in-front-of-my-eyes.

Wild horses, couldn't make us wear those.

Assembly required.

Comb you sideburns without even taking your sunglasses off!

Stunt double for "The Chronicles of Riddic"

This photo was taken at the famous nightclub, Studio 51.

Kanye, eat your heart out.

Don't look up unless you like chains scraping against your eyeball.

A good choice if you like to get some shut-eye in during the day.

Her lingerie is probably made of UV-resistant plastic.


Beer goggles in their most literal form.

Kanye's great grandmother.

The pointy corners have been known to impale passing aviary lifeforms.

MP3 sunglasses.

How many cheetahs did you skin to make those glasses?

Finally, a pair of sunglasses that can be used by either humans or cyclopses.

Sun helmet, more like it.

These wood make it hard for people to cedar firends. We're not joaking.

You should see what happens when she sneezes.

An interesting pair of reversibles.

Those studio lights can get pretty hot!

Taking that pesky 'sun-shielding' aspect out of the equation.

Rabbit ears? No thanks, unless they have HBO.

Who wouldn't want a rainbow hockey mask?


Mad inventor's glasses.

White goomba glasses.

I see trees of green...

What's that horrible growth on her face? Oh, wait...

The cheapest pair on the list.

Sometimes we all need to enact a bit of self-censorship.

This pair really stretches the whole 'sun' part of the word 'sunglasses', but Julie Newmar would be proud.

Sure, but what happens when a real bee tries to make nice with the one already on your face?

Direct video feed spy glasses.

These unfold to look even sillier.