jane austen's fight club
The first rule of Jane Austen's Fight Club is "one never mentions Fight Club!" In this smart video that combines classic Victorian chick-lit with a contemporary "guy movie," women break out of the tedium of their daily lives by starting a Fight Club. The video smoothly parodies both Austen and Fight Club while drawing parallels between the burdens of Victorian society and the present day.

Instead of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton punching one another, it's a brawl among traditional Austen women from novels like Pride and Prejudice. The acting and production in this faux trailer are both so excellent that I wanted to see a full-length version.

Although no credits are listed on YouTube, Boing Boing reports that Jane Austen's Fight Club was created by "a bunch of Mormon girls in Los Angeles." Good job, anonymous Mormon girls! Your video has been up for less than a week, and it's already earned nearly 200,000 views.