Deciding what to wear can be a hard decision, especially when preparing for an important event or an upcoming date with the cutie from math class. If the world of high fashion were incorporated into everyone's lives as more of an 'everyday fashion', would this make it harder or easier to decide? On one hand, every outfit would stand out... but they would also be absolutely ridiculous, no matter what. Here are 36 of the weirdest fashion trends we guarantee will stay on the runway.

Looks a little trashy.

A convenient way to hold CDs when on the move.

Even the model doesn't look happy about this one.

Those poor ravens. What a waste.

Dreams = haunted.

Apparently, this fashion is 'organic'. Yeah, so is vomit.

Miss Piggy wore it better.

Which is more awkward, the outfit or the pose?

"Do a barrel roll!!"

The lipstick comes in a spray can.

There's only a slit down the middle so she can blow her nose without ruining this fabulous creation.

Ay carumba!

Is she going on safari?

This gorgeous outfit has only one flaw. Guess.

A militant hipster.

Those pants make us want to push him down a flight of stairs. Not out of malice, but for the slinky effect that would doubtlessly ensue.

Charles made it as a model despite his unusual and ubiquitous third arm.

Silly Pacman, models aren't ghosts, they're skeletons.


He doesn't look happy about this outfit, but there's a good chance it's growing on him.

Lights! Camera! Ridiculous!

It's unclear whether or not this model in working under contract or under slavery.

Chagall would be proud.

None of the faces on her waist want the spaghetti on her head.

Don't try and cuddle wearing this. Rope burn's a killer.

Where the wild things are... is apparently the catwalk.

"No, Susie, I promise you'll get your teddies back. Daddy is just borrowing them."

Giving fashion a leg up.

Chrome dome.

This woman looks like a durian.

Finally, some hot fashion!

Is that a melted ham and cheese sandwich on her head?

Iron Woman

There could be no fitter tribute to the King of Pop.

Alas, she can never tell what floor she's on in an elevator.

In the photo on the left the model actually still thinks he's on the runway. He was last spotted walking into the Atlantic Ocean.

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