banjo playing dollWhen you have children, the chances of you owning all kinds of weird stuff in your basement increase exponentially. Do your parents have a scale model of the Westminster Cathedral made out of corn in the garage? How about a fetus in a jar in the basement?

When I discovered Crap at My Parents House, a new Tumblr blog featuring weird stuff from Mom and Dad's place, I immediately thought of some weird stuff I found at my parents' house during Christmas. Fellow Urlbot Emmy Blotnick also contributed some unsettling imagery.

Read on for our favorite crap. Then submit your own!

Paddlin' Raccoon from CAMYPH

Seashell Owl from CAMYPH

Doggy Coat Hanger from CAMYPH

Ancient Stryker Family Phone and Rabbit Lightswitch Plate

Emmy's Parents' OB-GYN Wall Art

My Mom's Weird, Ahem, Mixer Attachment

The Blotnick Family's Lucky Yarn Balls