stinkersIf you've always wanted a pet Sasquatch, then a rescued porcupine might be just the pet for you. This adorable little man-beast is named Stinkers and she currently lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Chugach National Forest. But Stinkers wasn't always a resident of the Last Frontier.

For years Stinkers made her home at Colorado's famous Telluride Ski Resort where she acquired a reputation for being both extremely friendly and voraciously hungry, the latter ultimately leading to her new home in Alaska. You see, people absolutely loved feeding Stinkers candy bars, gummy bears and whatever else they had in their pockets, but when this friendly porko started mistaking fingers for second helpings, it was only so long before the Forest Service started getting calls.

Obviously no one could blame Stinkers -- everyone knows that twigs aren't exactly mouthwatering once you've gotten a taste of the good stuff -- but ultimately the situation become untenable and Stinkers was forced to relocate. Thankfully, if these videos are any indication, Stinkers doesn't seem to mind her new digs at all. Who knows? Maybe she'll even make a go of the wild life again.

Just wait until he starts spinning. All it takes is one apple.

Mmm. Corn. One step closer to twigs.

Hitting the slopes back in Telluride.

"Somebody give him some food." On second thought, maybe you shouldn't.