Leoncie Radio Rapist
CD Baby
There's a new YouTube star that's gaining traction on the blogosphere with a few newly uploaded videos. It's Icy Spicy Leoncie, the "Madonna of Iceland."

According to an old post at Music Thing:
She plays everything herself (synthesizers and general midi intruments) and sings. Leoncie has lived here in Iceland for about 10-15 years but seems to be coming your way and relocating to London, as she claims that Icelandic media is racist for refusing to play her music.
It's possibly because she's as creepy as a singing vampire bat. Let's watch.
Teenage Boy in Town
Here's the video that's blowing up the blogs right now, featuring Leoncie attempting to seduce a teenager. Marvel as passersby stare in disbelief. Leoncie sez:
A Fun Catchy Song and Great Lyrics about the

Invisible Girl
She's invisible so she can do whatever she wants.
Are you Ready for the most Magical Carpet Ride of your life! INVISIBLE GIRL is an Awesome song with great Music and Lyrics by LEONCIE who will dazzle you with her Energetic performance and Piano playing
Sex Crazy Cop
This is a song about cop who can't get enough CHEAP SEX.
Leoncie's Story
She has an album available on CDBaby called Radio Rapist-Wrestler. Her YouTube channel bio reads:
Her vocals range from high to a very amazing low. A supercombination of lovely effects in her songs and she has been compared to greats, like Tina Turner and Shirley Bassey.

Listen to SEX CRAZY COP which she sings with that smoking hot voice. Leoncie spends countless hours perfecting her music before recording in studios,anywhere in the world. After every tiny detail,has been arranged to perfection, she produces and performs her music, like the Genius she is. Listen and Watch LOVE IN A PUB. Such Fun, Such unique laughter. Truly great performer is Leoncie.

Her success is solely due to the fact that she has worked extremely hard, and professionally at everything she does,despite inteference from Warblers,Pagans,Pirates,Racists, Hypocrites,who are always drowning in a Hate Filled Existence with their False, Malicious, Unfounded Lies,Fantasies,Hallucinations on the Web.

Leoncie moves according to her will. She's a Yoga wizard and beleives in the Supreme Force around. Beyond the superconcious mind.
So, now you see where she's coming from.