twitter fail whale in the BP oil spill
Oskar Krawczyk
I think I'll just go on Twitter and post a funny -- HEY! What's this whale doing here?

When Twitter fails or has "too many tweets," you're greeted by the iconic "Fail Whale," the smiling whale being held barely aloft over the water by a flock of birds. The Fail Whale has become such a famous image that it's inspired artistic interpretations in virtually every medium.

We've gathered up some of the best ones for you below. You might be surprised what kinds of crazy Fail Whale-themed art people will come up with. I wouldn't get that Fail Whale tattoo, that's for sure!

The Original Failwhale, by Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu

Fail Whale Painting by David Pache

David Pache

A Whale of a Necklace, by Moda di Magno on Etsy

Lite Brite Fail Whale by Sean O'Steen

Photo by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Fail Whale Pumpkin by Heather Hefner

Heather Hefner

Michael Jackson Failwhale, by Raul Orozco (MJ was so popular that his death caused Twitter outages.)

Raoul Orozco

Lego Fail Whale, by Bjarne P. Tveskov

Bjarne P. Tveskov

Fail Whale Tattoo, by Critter


4th of July Fail Whale by Jouhl

BP Oil Spill Fail Whale by Oskar Krawczyk

Oskar Krawczyk

Fail Whale Cake, by Wildflour Bakery

Wildflour Bakery

Fail Whale Cartoon from The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats by Ape Lad

Ape Lad

Homer Simpson Fail Whale by Ed Wheeler

The Amazing Fail Whale Illustration by Monkeyworks


Fail Whale Pale Ale Label by Gorillasushi


Fail Whale Crackers, by Nexdot

Fail Whale in 3D, by Stephen Allred

Stephen Allred

Fail Whale Hat by John David Anderson

John David Anderson

Fail Snail (in real life!) by Doctor Popular

Doctor Popular

OMG! Fail Whale Rocket Car! by Andra Keay

Andra Keay

And, of course, someone had to make a Win Whale. This is by darkmotiondotcom.