old spice man isaiah mustafa
Good god, Old Spice Man Isaiah Mustafa is handsome and clever! We've enjoyed his viral ad campaign of video responses to commenters on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Reddit. Apparently, Old Spice smells like internet victory.

The Old Spice Man, being the ultra-manly, great-smelling superhero that he is, produced around 200 videos before his run came to an end today. While we know you'd love to watch all of them, that's a ton of videos, and who has the time? Don't worry, citizen: Urlesque has your back.

Here are the 10 must-see Old Spice Man videos, from the voicemail message he recorded for Reddit, to the marriage proposal he delivered, to his reply to ... himself? Enjoy!
This is the pinnacle of Old Spice Man's service to the internet. After Reddit user Pandarr asked and received audio crafted to make voicemail messages from OSM, genius Redditors quickly sprang into action to create a site for fans to make customized voicemail messages. Personally, I recommend the "This voicemail is now diamonds" option.
Flowers for Alyssa Milano
After exchanging a few messages with TV star Alyssa Milano, Old Spice Man sent her flowers and a card. This is how a true gentleman acts, obviously.

Alyssa posted photos of the flowers and note on her blog and even filmed her own toweled response video.
The Self-Reply
This is a reply to @isaiahmustafa, which happens to be the Old Spice Man's personal account. He tells himself to keep making these internet videos. "Eyes on the prize, Mustafa!"
The Proposal
The Old Spice Man responds to a request from a man who wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him. It's quite the romantic proposal: "Your love has blossomed from a seed into a fully-grown love plant, and now it's time to fertilize that plant."

Of course, she said yes.
A Political Question from George Stephanopoulos
George Stephanopoulos, famous political correspondent and Good Morning America anchor, asks what advice Old Spice Man has for Obama in terms of winning over women voters.

Old Spice Man's reply: Presidential ab point! Monocle smile!

The Man also did an interview with George on GMA.
A Reply to Twitter
Twitter's official Twitter account asks whether Old Spice Man has any experience taming whales (like Twitter's famous Fail Whale, presumably). OSM responds that he hasn't, because whales are large and mostly underwater.
Response to Perez Hilton
Old Spice Man thanks Perez Hilton for a compliment by comparing his blog to a mountain, in the most elaborate extended metaphor ever. It ends with a falcon wearing a top hat. Because top hats are for gentlemen.
Challenge from a Dove Fan
This isn't an Old Spice Man video, it's a challenge from a "real man" called OhDoctah, who calls the Old Spice Man out and suggests that real men use Dove. He doesn't have Old Spice Man's amazing physique, but OhDoctah got a lot of attention while trying to get a response from Old Spice. The Old Spice Man didn't reply to the challenge ... too busy, or not man enough?
Pirate and Ninja
In this video, Old Spice Man tells us what he would do in a room with a pirate and a ninja. This incredibly awesome tale ends with the ninja being whipped to death with his own ninja shirt, because there's nothing more humiliating than being whipped to death with your own ninja shirt.
The Final Video
In his final message, Old Spice Man says "I am just one ridiculously handsome man. I can't write to everyone." He also carries a chainsaw, wears 10 medals around his neck, and ends with a SILVERFISH HAND CATCH!

It's a fitting end to one of the most awesome viral video campaigns we've ever seen.