The recent tech and tattoo crazes have played off one another to create a crazy cycle of ridiculous ink. Just when you thought nerds couldn't get any nerdier, another one comes out of the woodwork (motherboard?) to one-up (that's a Mario reference) the last one. Here are 38 really nerdy tech tattoos.

As if it weren't already obvious...

Clearly a Mac fan from way back in the rainbow days.

An 8-bit totem pole of nostalgia.
The Linux Penguin looks a little depressed to be on this woman's arm.

The lack of muscle under this blue screen of death is not surprising.

It's not clear whether it's the image or the tattoo that's flipped here. If it's the latter, extra props for being nerdy enough to consider that most of the tattoo's viewing time will be in the mirror on those lonely Ubuntu nights.

Those would definitely get mad respect in the harsh prison system.

It's huge! Fire upwards through your own shield!

This tattoo represents the three stages of web design.

Pump up the wrist-volume.

USB - Unnecessarily Scarred Body

Riddle us this: if he's not plugged in, how is he pulling down the neck of his shirt?

NEXT, please.

Yep, that's his space, all right, and probably no one else's.

Sonic would be proud. Mario wouldn't give a damn.

A tramp stamp that says think different is nothing short of ironic.

Pants on fire.

But Itsa me, neck tattoo!

Link to the shoulder.

To tattoo or not to tattoo, a binary choice.

This guy was the king of the retro gaming world until someone got a Magnavox Odyssey tattoo on his butt.

"You have the controller to my heart, baby."

Cataloging history, one tattoo at a time. Hope there's room for a Wii wand on his foot.

For a tattoo that references imaging,this one is particularly scraggly.

The needle should be pointing to W, for "Why, God, why?"

The symbol for an RSS feed.

We did. Search term = silly tattoo.

Megaman is being watched by a winged cyclops skull. Enough said.

You'd have to have your head in the Clouds to get this Final Fantasy tattoo done.

Is this guy a Mac supporter or a Mac hater?

This guy is more ambivalent.

She kind of looks a bit like Ms. Pac-man

A tattoo that commands respect.

Mac tattoo: ok. PC tattoo: Umm... DELL tattoo: social suicide.

Looks like there's a smudge on the blue window. Probably a taskbar alert.

A tattoo that is ironically being inked by a guy wearing an iphone t-shirt. Maybe that explains the quality...

Half-Life or no life? You decide.

This tattoo was completed about 33% more quickly than the USB tattoo.