pulpo paul the psychic octopus
Pulpo Paul (which means "Paul the Octopus" en español) used his vaunted psychic powers to rack up a perfect World Cup prediction record this year, culminating in Spain's victory in the final. He became a hero to millions, and not just in Spain. The web is crazy for Paul, and there are songs and games to prove it.

Paul has announced his retirement, so we celebrate his brief run of internet mega-fame with this little tribute, including Paul's rad new theme song by Parry Gripp. Viva el pulpo!

Parry Gripp, YouTube musical sensation, wrote a Pulpo Paul song. "Paul the Octopus, we love you!"

Someone made an "Ask Pulpo Paul" Flash toy, where you can let Paul choose between two options for you!

Here's the video of Paul picking Spain to win the World Cup with his mighty psychic tentacles.