Michael Whipple
On July 6, Blizzard, developer of the hugely successful World of Warcraft, announced that they were updating their forums so that all users would be identifiable by their real names, rather than just their in-game usernames. This "RealID" project has generated huge amounts of protest and general internet drama.

A Blizzard employee tried to alleviate concern by posting his real name in the forum, which encouraged other users to track down all his personal information, presumably to deliver a million pizzas to his house.
(Warning: Contains Swears!)
World of Warcraft is usually a friendly game. But there are a lot of crazies out there. This audio clip from Dark Age of Camelot, in which a player says, "I'm going to find out where you live and I'm going to f*cking kill you," is illustrative of nerd rage universal among online games. So a lot of civil gamers are understandably concerned.

I mean, would you want this guy to know your real name?
Or how about this upstanding (but fake) gentleman?
In order to quell some of the concerns about RealID, a blizzard employee named Bashiok gave published his real name, "Michael Whipple" on the forum.

Within minutes, other forum users were able to track down the poor guy's address, phone number, Facebook page, family members, and that the guy is still living with his mom at age 28. This is a picture of Mr. Whipple they found.
Popular video game-themed webcomic Penny Arcade has weighed in. Read the comic and their level-headed analysis of the RealID proposition.