pawn stars
The History Channel's Pawn Stars is a reality show about four dudes who run a pawn shop called Gold and Silver in Las Vegas. The show consists of the curmudgeonly Old Man refusing offers, his son Corey earning his keep, the slow-witted Chumlee breaking things and buying junk and the smooth-talking Rick, seen here, cutting deals. He's become a meme, a character skeptical about the value of amazing finds. (The best floating-head memes are each based on one simple joke that bears multiple iterations.)

Since the show is based on a real pawn shop, their phone number is readily available for pranksters, so naturally, the anonymous forum 4chan has been bombarding their store with calls.
In this audio clip, a 4chan user calls up Gold and Silver, trying to pawn a copy of Battletoads, an old Nintendo game released 18 years ago. The game has long been a source of amusement for 4chan, who has a history of pranking video game store Gamespot by calling up and asking if they have any copies of Battletoads. Because the game is so old and rare, they never do, but the callers insist on demanding it and frustrate the store managers.

The prank usually starts when someone posts an invitation on 4chan to prank a specific store with "Do you guys have Battletoads?" along with a phone number. It usually ends when someone posts a YouTube video or two containing an audio clip of some poor store manager getting royally pissed at the callers.

So of course now they're calling the Pawn Stars up with the same request. But Rick doesn't take the bait. He even gives a shout-out to 4chan, which will probably earn him greater respect from its pranksters. As YouTube commenter MegadethEternally says, "oh god reverse trolled, OWNED."