arrested development action movie trailer recut bluth
Arrested Development fans have been dreaming of a movie since the show was tragically canceled in 2006. The rumors about this potentially amazing film have been almost constant over the past 5 years. That's why it's so exciting that we can finally show you the trailer for the Arrested Development movie!

... sort of.

This is Arrested Development as an action-adventure flick, mostly starring Buster Bluth. It's the latest entry in the recut movie trailer trend that has spawned some of our favorite YouTube videos over the years. Taking the quirky, dysfunctional family comedy and turning it into an intense war movie is a stroke of genius.
It appears to have been made by a film student in an editing class, and I hope he got a great grade for combining a great YouTube trend and a great TV show. Attention, Hollywood! Find this kid and hire him.