Sushi is another food which is both delicious and beautiful. One might get an almost equal amount of pleasure out of gazing upon it in admiration as actually eating it. Here are 27 pictures of awesome sushi.

Bunny sushi.
Asparagus and fish roe flowers.
Typing without a space bar sounds pretty hard... Eat the computer!
Baby bear bath. He looks at you serenely as you eat him limb by limb.
Pretend to be Godzilla.
That's pretty creepy.
Obama sushi.
Happy panda sushi.
It's like a bag of Valentine's day hearts that all say something different. But with sushi.
"Yes You Can" Obama sushi.
A roll of rolls.
Fishy flowers in the Van Gogh style.
A delicious looking caterpillar.
Flower sushi.

Peep sushi may not have fish, but the peeps are definitely served raw and fresh.
Hello Kitty sushi.
Halloween sushi.
Mario sushi.
German flag rainbow cake made from fish roe, egg and sesame seeds.
Another cute avocado caterpillar.
Kitty sushi.
Cupcake sushi?
Heart sushi looks like the tastiest of them all.
Too cute to consume!