Ohhhh my god it's a rainbow! Oh god! It's a double rainbow! The guy in the first video below is really damn excited about a rainbow (a double rainbow! It almost looks like a triple) in Yosemite Park. His description says it was "rainbowing" for at least an hour that day.

This video is getting huge this weekend thanks to a link from Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter.

What's really awesome is that this guy (who calls himself "Yosemitebear" and "Hungrybear") has over 250 videos. In some, he goes "whoaaaa look!" at things, and in others he just acts like Hurley from Lost, if Hurley got to just kick back and enjoy the island. LET'S WATCH.

(Update: After this, watch the Auto-Tune remix from the Gregory Brothers and read the interview with Yosemitebear!)
Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow
"What does this mean?"
Yosemitebear Mountain Wildlife
Yosemitebear Man is blown away by a flock of turkeys and the moon. "This is amazing place." In this one, we get to see his face. What did you imagine he looked like?
Blue Moon Rise on Yosemitebear Mountain
In this one, he sings to the rising moon, which sounds pretty badass.
Katie jumping into Merced River
This clip isn't anything special, I just want to show that Hungrybear has cool friends who hang out with him in the wilderness. I'm getting very jealous of this guy's life, and I'm starting to understand why he could let a double rainbow bring him to tears. This is the wise nature-guide you meet halfway through your visionquest, and he teaches you how to defeat the evil karate challenger and your own demons.
Yosemitebear Drumming the Winter Solstice
I spent my winter solstice eating mediocre Thai food and calling the landlord to fix my leaky windows. Hungrybear spent it doing some traditional drumming.
Hungry Bear's Cagefight
And here he is in a wrestling match.
Message to President Obama about Yosemite Indians
His name is Paul Vasquez and he'd like President Obama to recognize the Miwok and Piute Yosemite Indians. Paul's daughter Irene was kicked out of Yosemite, and now the Park Service won't hire her to work in her homeland.