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An author of a book called Shut Up, I am Talking got a ton of fans on the book's Facebook page, and he couldn't figure out why:
The first 100 or so were friends and family, but from then on, a handful of strangers who had read the book would join every week, until I reached about 700 fans a few months ago. Which is why, as I stared at my computer screen recently, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 4000 fans? Who were these people?
Read on to find out.
Turns out they weren't fans of his book at all, but people who hate it when their friends talk over them!
Only when I noticed that some of these fans had been posting messages on my page's "Wall" did I realize what was going on. Their quotes were along the lines of: "Yeah, I was saying something and my mom broke in, and I was like, 'Shut Up, I'm Talking!' LOL!"

Or: "Cool page! I hate it when people talk over me!" Perhaps you can see what had been happening.

Even though the fan page shows the book's cover and its synopsis, and informs visitors that it was published by Simon & Schuster, the vast majority of these supposed "fans" were somehow totally unaware that it was referring to a book at all. They had simply joined because they were fans of the phrase "Shut Up, I'm Talking."
Just think, there are almost a million people in this world who identify with that phrase. It's like, hello? I'm having a conversation?

I'm going to name my next novel, "This Is An A-B Conversation. So C Your Way Out of It."