iphone evo 4g best buy fired
By now, anyone around who is jealous that they don't have a new iPhone 4 has forwarded you this animated HTC EVO vs. iPhone 4 video, which portrays iPhone 4 customers as Apple-loving sheep who value brand names over performance.

Well, even though the video takes place at "Phone Mart," the kid who made it -- 25-year-old Brian Maupin -- works at Best Buy in real life. Or, he did, until his bosses discovered the video. It doesn't portray "phone mart" employees as the nicest people, and definitely shows (hilarious) disdain for customers, so Best Buy and Maupin are reportedly parting ways. D'oh.

What's next? Well, Brian will be pursuing his comedy/animation career (send us your next video, B!) and his anti-iPhone vid has racked up a mighty 1.6 million YouTube views in just a week. (By the way, Maupin didn't animate this one; he used a web toy called Xtranormal.) There's also a pro-iPhone response vid that's just as funny.

Both of the videos are below, and both are NSFW (due to lots of swears).
The iPhone-bashing vid that got Brian fired
The pro-iPhone response