Food is delicious and can be fashionable, too. Well, maybe for only a second... No one really wants to go outside wearing a vegetable dress for longer than an hour unless they're really trying to repel people with a certain stench. Here are 28 pictures of clothing made of food.

Cabbage smells weird.
The meat is probably inedible but it still looks delicious.
Spaghetti and meatballs.
Chocolate dress.
Bride sports a wedding dress of cream puffs made by her new husband.
Veggie dress.
Loafy lady.
Meat skirt.
Beef Jerky purse would be stolen for food, not for its contents.
Bread slippers.
The tomato necklace is a nice touch.
It's made out of wine and beer. Seriously.
Meat hats.
A hot dress, both literally and figuratively.
Potato necklace.
Meat couture.
Cupcake gown.
Let vegetarianism grow on you.
Chocolate dress.
Fashion Chocolate Show in NY.
Try wearing these out on a hot Summer day.
Sticky candy dress.
Tomato headdress.
Hot pepper necklace.
A ghost wearing a dress.

A crunchy dress.
White chocolate wedding dress.