4chan vs Bieber
Justin Bieber is going on a world tour, and his management wants the people to decide where he performs. They set up a page where fans can vote on which countries they'd like to see the doe-eyed wonder do his thing. So, of course, 4chan has loosely organized a poll bombing operation in order to send Bieber to the land that time forgot, North Korea.
According to the voting page:
The My World Tour is an upcoming concert tour by Justin Bieber. It is his first official headlining tour, and is promoted by AEG Live, and Live Nation. The tour is anticipated to have multiple legs, and the supporting acts for the first will be Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell. Pop girl group The Stunners will also serve as an opening act for the first twenty dates. The tour is set to support his first release, My World, and its follow-up, My World 2.0. Who wants Justin the most? Decide now...
You are wrong. This is me, correcting you.