lobster dog costume
Dogs. Lobsters. Two of nature's noble beasts that seemingly have nothing to do with one another ... until now! I can't account for the popularity of dressing dogs up in lobster costumes, but this trend has utterly exploded on the internet this week.

Tweets were a-flyin' about the recent lobster dogs gallery on Buzzfeed, but we noticed that Uproxx was actually ahead of the curve on the canine-crustacean mashup craze, posting some lobdogs back in March. which raises some very important questions. Where the heck did they find all these lobster dogs? Why were so many people doing this in the first place?

Internet historians will notice that this is very similar to the Beedogs fever observed during the middle ages (aka 2006). Are the lobsters cuter or better than the bees in any way, or is this a recycled trend?
Srsly? You put a lobster on my head? WTF, dude.
Lobster pug for the win.