annoying facebook fb girl breathing
Even if you've never heard of Advice Dog, Courage Wolf, or Foul Bachelor Frog, you'll probably find Annoying Facebook Girl familiar. She's the latest character on (often NSFW) and she's getting very popular because we all know this girl. Anyone who's even been on Facebook has a friend who engages in the same annoying behaviors this tweenie-bopper exhibits.

Emo relationship posts, song lyrics, liking your own status updates, sending out endless page requests and event notifications, and posting pics of everything? This is the stuff sites like Failbook are made of. By creating Annoying Facebook Girl pics, we can release our Facebook rage in a healthy way, against a made-up person, instead of getting in fights with our real friends. No wonder she's so popular!

And come on, the face she's making is hilarious.

Here's a gallery of some of the funniest images from this emerging meme. Of course, you can also make your own at Memegenerator (seriously: NSFW). Post your best in the comments!
That's so cute. Oh wait, no it isn't.
You can stop liking your own posts any time you want ... right?
No, I will not water your crops.
Thank you for documenting this important life event.
Annoying Facebook Girl is not on Team Literacy.
Hay u guyyyysssssss, like my statuuusssss!
Duckface, n.: "A term used to descibe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips."
OMG, that's so deep. Did you make that up yourself?
They're going to hide you in their news feeds if you keep posting there.