at-at walker day afternoon patrick boivin dog
What if you could have one of those awesome AT-AT walkers from the Star Wars films as a pet? They're kind of like dogs, except that they're armed with blaster cannons and they can survive on Ice Planet Hoth. In a new video called AT-AT Day Afternoon (get it?), we get to see what a pet AT-AT would be like.

The AT-AT -- played by a very cool classic AT-AT toy -- paws at the door, plays with dogs, chases a squirrel, and does other doggy things. When it finally has to go to the bathroom, the mess it makes is a Jabba the Hutt toy, which the owner quickly cleans up in a plastic bag. See? Just like a dog!

AT-AT Day Afternoon is the latest offering from Patrick Boivin, the guy behind the impressive Iron Baby video we've covered on Urlesque before. As my fellow Urlbot, Cole Stryker, asked, "Why isn't that guy actually working on big-budget CGI stuff yet?" Mr. Boivin is undoubtedly a talented dude with plenty of viral videos left in him. I can't wait to see what he does next.