horse boy google maps street view aberdeen scotland
We've seen some wild and wacky things on Google's Street View, but we've never seen anything like the mysterious character known only as Horse Boy. This exquisite creature with the body of a man and the head of a horse was spotted by Google in Aberdeen, Scotland, and he's recently become a hit on the internet in his home country. Who is this anonymous equine? His black shirt and shoes, purple sweatshirt and slight paunch are our only clues.

Apparently, the BBC has received reports from sources claiming to know Horse Boy, but none of them can be confirmed. Meanwhile, he's becoming sort of an anonymous internet hero. The BBC story alone has accumulated a million page views.
This leaves me with so many questions: did Horse Boy plan this Google photo, or was he just casually trotting down the street at the time? Why does he wear a horse mask? (I hope it's to fight crime!) What mundane desk job does he do when he's not unleashing his powerful whinny on nights and weekends?

I looked into Horse Boy a little bit more carefully and managed to find this photo.
horse boy without mask
Here's Horse Boy without the mask, mere moments before Google got the famous photo. It's shot at a distance, and from behind, but you can see that he has white hair. Is Horse Boy really Horse Old Man? The plot thickens!