Want to make a meme? Have the ideas and not the toolset? Photoshop is expensive, but now you can help Urlesque force create viral masterpieces without it. That's why we've teamed up with our friends over at Aviary to use their free and easy technology to help YOU make those memes!

While the guide below works for all "Photoshop" memes like the Social Network meme, Aviary also has tools for making songs, sounds and other stuff.

Now let's learn how to make some art!
Step 1: Using Aviary, Open the Transparency That We've Provided
No need to download or sign up for anything at all!
Just go to Aviary's image editor to start. (To make a Facebook poster meme, go here.)
Step 3: Upload Your Image
upload image
Step 4: Resize Image to Fit
resize image
Step 6: TEXT!
Step 7: Export Image
export image
Step 8: Save as .jpg