enormous fishFishing is a peaceful sport -- unless you're trying to catch the huge monsters that live deep in the ocean or in mud tunnels at the bottoms of lakes. Then it can become exhilarating and sometimes scary. We've never even seen parts of the earth's epic oceans and if this is what we're turning up now... Who knows what lies beneath? Here are 31 enormous fish from around the world.

Someone's making a sexy face (hint: it's not the fish).
Derp Derp Derp
That's a salmon.
A Shark in NY
Their mothers would be annoyed to see them in the water with all their clothes on.
June 10, 1970
A Shiny Metal Trophy
A Silly Looking Fish-Monster
The fish is like "uhh, excuse you."
Nine Foot Long Catfish
410 Pounds
This is the most touching scene from Free Willy.
Another Catfish
That guy must be pretty strong.
Jellyfish aren't actually fish... but that thing is enormous.
Caught in the Act
A Toothy Grin on a Tiger Shark
The fish is as large as the boat... imagine running into that thing underwater.
Black Sea Bass
353 Pound Yellowfin Tuna
Stick your hand in there! That's a great idea.
Grouper Fish
Seconds Before Snack Time
8 Foot Long Halibut
A Scary Alligator Gar
This guy loves tuna.
The Fisherman's Smile of Triumph
Look at those teeth!
enormous fish

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