creepy dollThe only people who don't find dolls creepy are the little girls who play with them and even they will cover the vacant porcelain expressions from staring at them before retiring to bed. Here are 27 really creepy dolls we would hate to share a room with.

This was definitely not intended to be a child's toy.
Andy Dick...?
The eyes sparkle at night.
What child wants a sad baby?
Lemon Face
It looks embarrassed.
Seconds before crushing two unsuspecting passers-by...
Looking Conspicuously Inconspicuous
This is what happened to all the dolls your brother buried in the backyard.
Scarecrow Doll
Nice Bowl Haircut, Dork
Cowardly Lion
The Saw Doll's Long Lost Cousin
Angry Baby
Carrot Top
A Pensive Doll
Evil and Plotting
The Incessant Whiner
If you think about it, really old people are almost just like babies...only grumpier.
Sarah Palin
The Retired Clown
A real alien doll captured on film.
That's a little too realistic.