vuvuzelaLast week, we brought you the Ultimate Online Guide to the vuvuzela, the instrument that has become more of a World Cup star than, um, whoever those actual soccer players are. We were a bit premature in using the word "Ultimate," though, as a slew of new vuvuzela memes, pics and news has come out around the World Cup story that will not die.

What started in South Africa appears to have spread to the U.S. and England. Last week, the BBC announced that tennis fans were banned from bringing vuvuzelas to Wimbledon, while guards at Yankee Stadium confiscated one annoying fan's vuvuzela during a recent game. Locally, a South African woman ruptured her throat after partaking in a vuvuzela-blowing contest.

If you want the specifics on why your mind hates the vuvuzela so much, check out the ABC News report What Makes the Sound of Vuvuzelas So Annoying? If you still need more info, check out The Telegraph's 20 Facts About the Vuvuzela and this highly detailed infographic, via Digg, that has more than you'd ever thought you'd learn about the instrument.
On the web, the vuvuzela continues to explode as a full-blown meme. Even Google is getting involved, changing their little man icon on Google Maps to a vuvuzela player (for South African locations only, of course).


Fellowship of the Vuvuzela

Invictus With Vuvuzela Horns

Vuvuzela Guy Cheers For Everything

World Cup 2010 Vuvuzela: The Buzzening

There's an exhaustive gallery of fan-created vuvuzela pics over at Visboo Magazine (thanks Digg!), but here are some of our other faves.



And finally, for the rare reader that cares about both the vuvuzela and the actual World Cup itself, offers this handy site to see how long it's been since the last goal. You can guess the background music.