burgersCheeseburgers aren't just mouthwatering stacks of every food group -- they are beautiful works of art. Some should be regarded with respect, awe and pictures from every angle. Here are 27 enormous and awesome burgers.

Seconds before a little girl is devoured by that monster....
Could they finish it even if it were shared amongst them all?
Burger Jedi
They could be pantsless and we'd never know it. And that's why I refuse to eat this burger.
It's weeping with pride.
One slice of enormous burger, please.
The newspaper is to catch falling meats.
A Little Overcooked
Mmm...Cheese. But why not animal style, In-N-Out?
Shout out to the two mini burgers on top.
You no longer need to purchase two double cheeseburgers and stack them together.
That makes sense but looks a little less delicious than if the meat were included.
That's not ketchup...
A Regal Burger
Sharing is caring.
He ate the whole thing. Seriously.
This was a real thing.
Who wants to eat the feet-y part of the burger?
That extra piece of bread on top is pretty unnecessary.
The winner is clear.
How romantic!
But it does taste like delicious.
Hamburglar, Citizen's Arrest
Fit For a King