hang gliding dogIn 1976, filming a mock commercial for a fake dog food was something you could do, but, without our beloved internet, nobody was going to see it. So if you were to film a mock commercial for a fake dog food, you had to either a) pitch it to dog food companies or b) be a little cuckoo-bananas. In Burke Ewing's case, the answer was both, as he filmed a mock spot for "Muncho," a dog treat beloved by his own pup, Curtis, who -- by the way -- went hang gliding alongside his owner so often that he "probably had more air time than most hang glider pilots."

Muncho may not have been real, but, judging by the clip, the 1970s were totally real, man. Way back when, it was just you, an unmotorized foot-launchable aircraft and the open seas with your dog by your side. No YouTube, no Twitter, no oil spills (okay, yes, there were definitely oil spills)...just the beauty of flying into the sunset with your dog on your back.

More footage of Burke and Curtis sky-high: