xrayX-Ray vision is such an awesome super power. How cool would it be to see what's going on behind closed doors, or tell how much money is inside a safe? Unfortunately, the closest we have to that is regular old X-Rays and getting one of those requires the victim -- err, patient -- to stand still for a couple of seconds while we snap their bony picture.

Here are 28 awesome and weird X-Rays.

A Real X-Ray of a Mummy
They found the wrong heart.
He accidentally ate the whole key.
This is what it really looks like when you kiss.
Even the fish are surprised at what they look like inside.
He's lucky to be alive!
The man who laid an egg... sorta.
Another Lucky Survivor
A golf ball and a mouse don't have much in common besides their color.
Dog Who Swallowed Weird Stuff
A Really Expensive Accident
This must be one giant dog.
This is the explanation behind all of Homer's incessant bumbling.
The Giant Dog's Giant Owner
A Kiwi
Bling X-Ray
Multi-tasking is a breeze.
Two-Headed Snake
X-Ray Photobomb
A Little Baby Dog
This explains the elf shoe shape, but how do they get the things on?
The next Michael Phelps?
Conjoined Twins