dancing alone to ponyWith all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face, Ginuwine's 1996 R&B classic 'Pony' introduced some of the most blatantly sexual lyrics since Blowfly's 'Who Did I Eat Last Night?' (Sample lyric: "If you're horny/Let's do it/Ride it/My pony/My saddle's waiting/Come and jump on it"). And whether it's the song's salaciousness or ridiculousness, there's something about it that has led people to film themselves emulating the gyrating singer.

Blogger A. Mart has collected over 30 such videos (and counting) on Dancing Alone to Pony, a new blog whose title says it all. Inspired by such ludicrously specific sites like Pups and Order (a site exclusively devoted to dogs barking over the Law and Order theme), the 25-year old Californian started the site a few weeks back and has seen traffic increase exponentially since its launch. "I guess it hit that right nerve of YouTube weirdness and 90s nostalgia for people to want to share it," says the blogger. And so we will.

Kitchen Grind

"This one's for you, Gerald." Some people get streets or buildings named after them. Gerald, you get a guy humping a quart of milk, an exercise ball and his dishwasher. All. Night. Long. Either that, or this is Robert McKee's worst viral marketing campaign ever.

Interesting Choice of Setting

Ricky states that it's four in the morning, but "hey, when you feel like dancing, you just gotta get down and dance." Either Ricky broke into a kindergarten class at 4:00 a.m. or he has one of the oddest bedrooms in history for an adult male. Further investigation is required regardless.

Daddy Daughter Day

We're pretty sure this constitutes emotional abuse in certain states. Nothing says bonding like pantomiming the riding of a horse/woman in front of your daughter. As A. Mart notes, "It's borderline Dancing Alone With Pony because his toddler is walking around the whole time, but the proud look in his daughter's eyes was proof enough to me that this was a very special grind session."

Hula Hoopin' With Pony

Never one to run with the pack, our friend here goes with the 'Pony' remix and ups the rest of the posers by whipping out props.

Prop Comical

"Can I please throw out that hat? You got it at Spencer Gifts 15 years ago and haven't worn it since!"

"Hold up. I just need it for one more video."

Sick Dance Freestyle

You know what? We're not even going to make fun of the...interesting fashion choices or stereotypical frat house setting. Dude can dance. We're impressed.

The Fallen Pony

Poor Gary. It's bad enough your video has the production values and lighting that makes you the envy of every 1970s porn director. You were actually rolling for a while, but then the ending happened.