tetris and conra drawing
Two classic video games enter, only one leaves! A clever Russian artist has mashed up the falling blocks of Tetris and the running-and-gunning of Contra in a delightful hand-drawn video with a twist ending. Bill (better known as "that guy from Contra") runs into a Tetris board and finds himself beset by blocks.

He tries to shoot, and then jump, his way out. Eventually he makes it, but another classic video game character makes a cameo appearance and ruins the whole thing. I won't spoil it for you, but it's worth watching 'til the end. Incidentally, my favorite part of the video is the music, which is just the Contra music recreated by a guy singing the bleeps and bloops. Awesome.
... and here's a bonus video by the same artist. It should look familiar to old-school game fans.