boratThere are times, dear reader, when it's easier to look upon the shores of our neighbors for funny commercials.

While our mainstays -- the GEICO Gecko and that insanely annoying guy -- keep plugging away for years at a time for but a fleeting touch of our be-moneyed American (but made in Taiwan!) garments, these commercials from foreign lands show that capitalism is doing just fine without us.

Check out some of the crazies ones after the break.

5. ¡Coca Cola!

This commercial proves that you don't need to have a product. Just a severe lack of it.

Coca Cola La Ultima from Young Rubicam on Vimeo.

4. French McDonald's!

In France, they call that a 'Royale With Truman Capote Overtones.'

3. Racist Australian Couches!

What could be more American than a couch? Really. No. Really. Maybe racist couches. But this could be an Australian thing.

2. Ice Cream Ejaculating Canadian Robots!

From Canada, naturally, comes the ice cream ejaculating robot.

1. Well Endowed Japanese Woodland Creatures.

OK, should you ever want blatant proof that Japan is ten years ahead of us, look no further than this 2006 commercial. I'm predicting fifteen years until a giant balled Spuds MacKenzie takes over the American airwaves.