michael jackson bad teachersWhen you were a kid, did you ever imagine what your teachers were like in their free time? Were you all like, Do they wear weird jeans? and Do they use telephones to call other people with telephones? Wasn't the thought of seeing a teacher outside the confines of periwinkle walls, cubby holes and the smell of freshly copied dittoes absolutely mind-boggling to you?

If you were lucky enough to avoid bumping into a teacher at a craft fair or shoe store on the weekend (because, duh, Mommy always needed a nautical magnet and a new pair of pumps), you escaped one of the great pains of childhood. But in 2010, teachers of all kinds seem to have latched onto the idea that, somehow, they want -- no, need -- to be part of their students lives off school grounds and, weirder yet, ON THE COMPUTER.

Here are some teachers recreating 'Bad,' the crotch-grabbing anthem appropriate for little kids everywhere (but no knife fight, though -- this is for KIDS, guys).