Keyboard CathyGet ready for a "taste adventure." Singer-songwriter Cathy Wiegand has created a music video for her song 'Sashimi,' an oddly sensual tribute to her favorite Asian cuisine.

Please. Please click through for this one. I can't emphasize enough that it's one of the most mind-blowing viral videos you will ever see. We're talking summer jam status.

At first I thought Keyboard Cathy was a joke, given that her name seemed to be derived from Keyboard Cat, a similarly quirky internet meme. But after some sleuthing, I think she's for real.

Click through to watch her soon-to-be-famous music video for 'Sashimi.'

Update: Check out Urlesque's interview with Keyboard Cathy and also and exclusive video from her.

I pulled this info from Keyboard Cathy's website. Below are some reasons why Keyboard Cathy's music is relevant to your life:

  • It makes you laugh
  • It may Inspire you to take action (Ex. random acts of kindness)
  • It unites generations (Kids, teens adults and seniors)
  • It banishes boredom anytime, anywhere (At home and elsewhere)
  • It helps one singer/songwriter with good intentions to touch a lot of lives - one song at a time!
  • It makes you feel good.

Convinced yet? It all started with an inspirational movie:
It's funny how a single movie can inspire us to pursue our dreams. "Keyboard Cathy" Wiegand wandered into the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and walked out not itching to travel through space, but humming "So Long & Thanks for All the Fish," the whimsical end credits song by Irish singer Neil Hannon-who just so happens to be the frontman of one of her favorite groups, The Divine Comedy.
And she's more than just fish.
"Keyboard Cathy"-who earned her colorful nickname when she showed up at a benefit rehearsal for the first time with her new Roland E-600-writes and sings about other things besides edible raw fish. "Eternity" is a bold, powerful love song that was inspired by the film Ghost, while "Give a Little More" urges everyone to be as charitable as possible.