How Do You Laugh Online? Do You LOL?Back in May, we asked our Urlesque fans on Facebook how they laugh online. Do they prefer "haha," "LOL" or "ROFLcopter"? Usually, the type of laugh depends on the situation. If your friend tells you she ruined her college semester with a nasty email, it's probably not best to respond with "bwahahahaha!"

After unscientifically sorting through our Facebook fan responses, we were able to create a simple pie chart to illustrate your answers. Unsurprisingly, the top contenders were the reliably functional "LOL" and "haha," but which one is more popular and what else made the chart?

How Do You Laugh Online Pie Chart

A smaller sample size is never as reliable as a larger sample, so it's time to officially poll the entire internet to find out what truly is the definitive way of laughing online.

So, what's your go-to typed laugh? What is the single online laugh that should be taught to every n00b on the internet? Will it be "LOL," "haha" or something completely different?

How Do You Laugh Online?
LOL2620 (49.6%)
haha1564 (29.6%)
hehe194 (3.7%)
bwahahaha72 (1.4%)
lulz60 (1.1%)
heh68 (1.3%)
LMAO149 (2.8%)
kekeke23 (0.4%)
ROFL71 (1.3%)
Muwahaha38 (0.7%)
I hate laughing.418 (7.9%)