lady gaga baby telephoneWe'll say it again and again: the internet is completely lacking in its parodies and tributes to Lady Gaga. Does the internet even know who Lady Gaga is? She's a world-famous cultural icon and yet YouTube is all, like, "Sorry, it's still Beyonce-time."

Just kidding. JK JK JK!!!!! Lady Gaga might as well be Al "56K" Gore at this point, she's so internutty. She practically owns us. And now some babies have been positioned and manipulated at the hands of savvy adults who understand that YouTube is not only gaga for Gaga, but for babies too.

Normally, we wouldn't necessarily be on board with the whole making-babies-do-stuff thing, but when an infant is surrounded by dancers and she sits there, puzzled and without responsibility, it's anything but a bad romance.