wedding proposalThis week, Urlesque covered the Madison Square Park wedding proposal, an elaborate production with a bunch of extras, a bunch of dancers and a bunch of choreographed dancing.

It all seemed just a little too perfect: the couple walks into the park, he's planned all this out before, she doesn't seem aware, there's a chair and pow! Dancing! Romance! Also, a terrible, pain-inducing song this blogger had never heard before.

I have ten good reasons that I think it was a hoax.

  • The introduction is two people talking about "a filmographer" friend of theirs. REALLY. "Filmographer" is a made up word. There are cinematographers, there are videographers, but a "filmographer" is something a townie makes up to get laid at the art school house parties.
  • They then also say this person "went to some circus school." SOME CIRCUS SCHOOL. REALLY. I'm not saying this is by any means a script written by David Mamet, but the phrase "some circus school" rings an alarm bell. If you had an acquaintance who went to circus school, wouldn't you know what circus school it was? I can maybe understand if these two individuals were roped into performing in this, but "some circus school"? You'd know at least what the guy took. And upon further viewing, it's clear this "filmographer" is not a circus performer so much as he is a pretty decent dancer.
  • Their names are Woodrow and Claudine. I'm sorry. Where did they meet, at Whitey McWhiterson's School of Silly Upper-Middle-Class Names? Give me a break.
  • Where did you find fifty friends with the exact same shade of blue shirts?
  • This is New York. Where's the background sound? It's eerily quiet at the beginning.
  • Also: NOBODY walked into the frame? The park is totally clear for this elaborate thing to begin? It's too perfect. There is no way this can be real. It's like someone pressed the "city" button on a computer.
  • Of ALL the cameras that were apparently filming this, we get the shaky camera? If the guy's a "filmographer" -- whatever that is -- why didn't he get his friends to upload first?
  • There are no ugly or fat people. If you have ever been outside, you will see one of those in any given three minutes.
  • Here is the video description, word for word:
An amazingly orchestrated wedding proposal that I caught live in Madison Square Park. After the surprise production number in the park for this girl, they rode off in a horse drawn carriage. In the dance the slip of paper the guys are waving around is a poloroid. The song the guys dance to was "their song."
The phrase "their song" immediately jumps out. Perhaps I haven't been listening to enough Radio Disney, but I've never heard Metro Station's seemingly popular song 'Shake It' before. It sounds awful. Its name is 'Shake It.' Not to judge the happy couple, but you're going to pick a generic Top 40 song where the chorus seems to be "shake shake shake shake shake shake it"? What are you, five?

Sorry, but if you're going to pick a forever song, don't pick Metro Station's 'Shake It.' You will be divorced faster than Pete Doherty at a crack factory. Do it to an early Van Morrison song, at least . Maybe have your song be from Mariah Carey. But, 'Shake It'? That's the song that deeply describes your relationship?

Or, are you making a music video for Metro Station to honor the fan-made videos that inspired the band's official video? I'm not saying it can't be real. Sure, maybe this person with a made-up profession WHO ALSO HAD THE TIME TO GO TO CIRCUS SCHOOL who ALSO HAPPENS TO KNOW FIFTY CHOREOGRAPHED DANCERS decided to propose to his girlfriend to an AWFUL SONG. Maybe he can dance shockingly well. Maybe this is all true and I'm Old Man Angrypants who shakes his fist at lovers.

My guess is that this is a viral music video for dummies and this is all just staged.

But, really. Take a look and see for yourself.