crazy fish tankSerious fish enthusiasts are constantly thinking up more elaborate and ridiculous ways in which to manifest their passion -- or obsession -- with the beautiful and serene creatures they adore.

Here are 29 pictures of crazy, ridiculous aquariums and a whole lot of fish who don't know what the heck is going on.

The Fish Highway must be really confusing for those little guys.
Guys in a Tank Watching Guys in a Tank
Fishy Car Smells Fishy
Water Changes Must Be a Pain!
This self-cleaning tank comes with a garden that filters the water while providing sufficient oxygen for your fishy friends.
Fish bowl purse looks cool, but no one likes soggy money and makeup, especially not the fish.
Fish and Bird Haven
The best ever use for an old computer.
A Tacky Toilet Fish Tank
How would you feel if giant jets of water poured down on your head without actually touching you? Kind of scared? Kind of confused? Kind of like a superhero?
Telephone Fish Tank
Fish Tank Coffee Table
Don't worry, the gumballs aren't real.
The machine's direction is determined by a sensor, which directs it whichever way the fish swims.
iPond is a speaker and unreasonably small fish tank.
The Deepest Show on Television These Days
The tank above was only designed to imitate the design of a television set, but the one below is the real thing.
Mini Aquarium.
Fish can be couch potatoes too.
A Very Scientific Looking Tank
Shark Tunnel
That fish has a life expectancy of about five minutes.
Aquadome in Germany.
Artsy Fish Tank
"I have explored the possibility of a genetic modification which enables children
to absorb higher levels of oxygen, thus enhancing concentration, focus and calmness as well as improving athletic ability and improving general health."
crazy and unique fish tank