crazy facial hair Beards can be a sign of wisdom that only comes with age, while gaudy handlebar mustaches can represent rampant hipsterism. Regardless, they're both warmly accepted into the obsession we have with facial hair. To support our beard-and-stache habit, here are 24 crazy pictures of crazy and ridiculous facial hair.

A 'stache You Could Hang Wet Clothing on
This guy means business.
A starfish is born.
A Hairy Bridge
He gives "whiskers" a whole new meaning.
Salvador Dali
The Real Epic Beard Man
It looks good enough to eat. Well, not really.
They're like elf feet.
You could hide a lot of stuff in there.
This is sort of cheating.
Ice Beard
Windmill Beard
Efficient Beard Storage
An Oldie But Goodie
Detachable Face
NBA Beard
Poodle Cornrows
That's just frightening.
That beard is outta control!
What a Perfect Circle
crazy facial hair