backlash against bp oil spill cake wreckLeave it to internet humorists to draw attention to a serious issue like the massive BP Gulf Coast oil spill by turning it viral. From a fake BP Twitter account to comics to a cake wreck, the oil-spill related memes that swept the web in the past week were funny, but only in a laugh-to-keep-from crying sort of way.

The @BPGlobalPR Twitter account has been playing the role of a callous BP representative all week. Although it's obviously fake, it gives people who are angry about the oil spill someone to hate. It's full of complaints about first-world problems, wry attempts to pacify followers with BP Cares t-shirts (free, with $25 shipping!) and even a demand that people stop stealing BP's oil from the water (or we'll sue!).

At first, I was surprised that BP hasn't managed to get the account shut down. Then I considered their track record with shutting things down lately and decided it's not that surprising. Tech site Mashable got an interview with the writer behind @BPGlobalPR, in character, and it's well worth reading.

After the jump, check out some of the oil spill backlash images that have been going around this week.

One series of images maps the size of the spill relative to major cities. HINT: The spill is bigger. A lot bigger.

bp oil spill compared to new york city map

This cake was spotted in a Breaux Mart in New Orleans. Mmm, oily!

Cartoonist Matt Bors thinks we need to get our terms straight in this oil spill debate.

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