This Internet Horror Story was submitted by an Urlesque reader.

Oh, how could I be so naive? It was the middle of March and I was on spring break from Uni. My younger brother, Justin, knows that for years I have been desperately looking for a girlfriend with no success.

Well, clever little Justin decided to create a fake Facebook account of a girl (who, by the way, looked gorgeous in her profile picture...) and tried to get my hopes up.

Now, I usually wouldn't fall for this kind of prank, but Justin went the whole nine yards on this one. The fake Facebook account actually had friends attached to it, which I presume were either also fake accounts or Justin's friends who were in on the joke.

So, basically, for a whole two weeks, I was flirting with a non-existent female who was actually my brother. And the sad things is that I was having fun with it. For some reason, my brother sounded convincingly like a girl when he sent me messages through the fake account.

Well, anyways, while I was having fun thinking that a girl was interested in me, my brother was thinking of ways to reveal that the whole thing was a prank. Luckily for him, April 1st was just around the corner. On April Fools' Day, he sent me a message through the fake account saying, "Hey, Kevin. This is Justin. APRIL FOOLS, *****!" (Yes, I know, my brother uses quite vulgar language).

I still don't know how I managed to get over it, but I did. The only thing that bothers me to this day is the embarrassment of admitting that I was actually flirting with my little brother through Facebook...

This Internet Horror Story was submitted by an Urlesque reader.