toilet paper debateIt all started with a simple question: 'What is the stupidest thing you've ever had an argument about?'

A Reddit user asked the question and the first response was, "which method of wiping is better; folding the toilet paper into a square or crumpling it into a ball."

From there, 1,218 comments about toilet paper technique followed, ignoring the original question. It's the internet, what did you expect?

Our favorite comments, after the jump.

andrewsmith1986 says:

I had this argument between my gf, some friends and I. apparently they are all crumpling idiots. I feel people that crumple are sick and twisted.
utterpedant responds:
And I feel that every second you spend folding, primping, and caressing the paper you're about to press lovingly to your puckered butthole makes you more of an abomination. Crumpling creates a textured wiping surface. Folding smears the **** around like greasepaint makeup.
andrewsmith1986 counters:
What are you five? Fold like 4 sets before you are finished and put them on your knees or counter like a normal adult. Buy nice textured toilet paper of a decent thickness you slob.
utterpedant retorts:
Lay out several "sets" of toilet paper on your lap in preparation? You made me laugh at work. You are clearly an insane person and I fail to see how you are able to type while wearing a straitjacket.

Aaand so on.