black sabbath dioFor years, movie nerds have had a monopoly on connecting the dots between stars in their universe via Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. (For those unaware, the game is an attempt to connect every actor with Kevin Bacon through mutual films in as few steps as possible.) Now, a genius (Yeah, we'll use that word) named Paul Lamere has twisted and contorted the musical universe to his own will and created Six Degrees of Black Sabbath, a new site that connects any two musicians or bands together. Sure, getting from Gaga to Madonna is easy, but we tried obscure 1970s krautrock madman Eroc and theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore and the site connected them instantly in 11 steps. Oh potential for work on Monday morning, we hardly knew ye.

Go ahead. Try to stump the site. Briefly revel in conjuring the most esoteric names and, chances are, the site'll connect the two before you finish swallowing your drink. Interestingly enough, the top connectors are Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Go figure.

black sabbath