hilarious mugshotGetting arrested sucks, but the unpleasantness of it all doesn't stop thousands of people from being apprehended every day -- and, to be fair, not everyone who gets nabbed is even close to what most would consider a criminal. Mugshots can tell us a lot; some spice up their gloomy trip by maintaining a cheerful attitude through the booking process, the results of which are funny and sometimes endearing mugshots.

Others are unintentionally hilarious and their mugshots are proof that the ravages of drug addiction and street life can occasionally be funny (to others). The Smoking Gun has an enormous database of these photos. We've chosen the best from their bunches and scoured the rest of the internet for previously unseen comedy gold.

Here are 41 hilarious mugshots.

No mask would be better than these masks.

Well, that's just lovely.
A marker makes a great knife if humiliation is the desired result.
He's been perfecting the look for a while now.
Weird Al Wanna-Be
Man with flexible face is arrested on domestic violence charges.
Coolest Mugshot Ever
The argyle shirt doesn't really go with the look.
Stay Positive!
The best of both worlds: beautiful locks and a rugged beard.
Beavis... Is That You?
Birds could live in there.
A Ray of Sunshine
Poor Baby!
"Ladies Love It"
Gold is supposed to be the strongest, maaaaaan.
It's exactly where he's going.
Sleepy Head
His Forehead Says "Tattoo"
This charming fellow ran his girlfriend over with a truck.
Make Up Your Mind!
A Doctor or a Spitter?
An Apprehended Garden Gnome
The Sexiest Prostitute Ever
Mud Face
This guy's hair is a bird... Your argument is invalid.
Fashion First
We're not sure this woman even knows where she is.
Surprisingly, Arrested for Possession of Narcotics
This grandmother was caught selling crack. Yes, really.
Stay Off the Drugs, Kids
This security officer was arrested for driving without a license.
A Really, Really Bad Hair Day.
The Halo Lies
We hope this guy got a re-do.
This just seems inefficient.
Even his hair is afraid of that forehead.