shit my dad says william shatner twitterWhen the popular Twitter account Sh*t My Dad Says blew up on the web, we all laughed and smiled. When this collection of quotes from one writer's wisecracking 74-year-old father landed a book deal and a show on CBS, we were incredulous.

But when we found out the show would star William frickin' Shatner as the titular dad, well, we couldn't wait to see it. Now there's a first look at the show up on YouTube and you can decide for yourself whether it's going to be a hit.

My verdict? It's actually funny! A lot of the humor rests on Shatner's delivery and it looks like the comedy chops he developed on Boston Legal are serving him well in this new show. What I can't tell from the preview is whether there's actually going to be a plot. The characters deliver the pithy one-liners we loved on Twitter, but can that hold up for a half-hour every week? I sure hope so, because TV needs as much of The Shat as it can get.