shaved bieber
Justin Bieber: is he cute, ironically enjoyable, or a menace to society? We've laughed at a few Bieber-related vids here at Urlesque, but we also know that not everybody shares our fondness for the current king of kiddie-pop. If you're not a Bieber Believer, you may want to download a new Firefox add-on called Shaved Bieber.

Don't let the just-for-grownups pun put you off (and if you didn't catch it, we're certainly not going to explain it to you). This little extension actually does just what it says and shaves all mentions of Justin Bieber off of the webpages you visit as you go about your browsing. Considering Justin's immense popularity, I predict that Shaved Bieber will be filtering at least 50% of the web by the end of this year. In fact, it won't even be called "the web" anymore, it will be called "the Bieb." Happy Biebsurfing!

Here's a video of the Bieber-blocking extension in action. Warning: the background music is a mildly-NSFW parody of Justin's hit song 'Baby.'