bros icing bros
While we don't encourage binge drinking -- or the consumption of Smirnoff Ice under any circumstances -- a new prank war sweeping the collegiate community is doing just that. The concept behind Bros Icing Bros is simple: creatively present a Smirnoff Ice to a friend, whereby he/she must immediately take a knee and chug it on the spot.

Imagine going to check the mail, but the only thing delivered that day was a steaming hot ICE. Imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, only to find an ICE Saran-Wrapped to the toilet seat. Does that sound pointless, stupid and maybe even a little sadistic? It is. And yet, the war wages on, spreading across the country and claiming more unsuspecting victims each day.

If this sounds like more than you can swallow, read our interview below with one of the bros to learn how to defend yourself and Ice like a pro.

Where is Icing the most popular right now?

While Icing started in South Carolina at some of the frattiest schools in the union (College of Charleston, Wofford College) it has now spread nationwide. Current hot spots are New York, Texas and other Southern fraternity-dominated schools.

Is it possible to "cross the line?" When is icing off limits?

There is no form of Icing that is off limits; the more creative and less convenient for your bros the better. We've had bros getting Iced before going to work, at work, studying for an exam, right before an exam, at graduation, while driving cars, before a soccer game, etc...

From what I understand, Smirnoff Ice is available in a variety of sizes and flavors. What's the worst Ice format you could possibly receive?

By far, from Icing fellow bros and from emails, the worst possible combination is an Apple Bite tallboy, lukewarm. I have personally been the victim of this and it is horrific.

creative icing

Most creative Icing(s)? Tips for first-timers?

The most creative that I've seen so far is Saran-Wrapping an Ice to the toilet of a hungover bro, or an Ice that has been tied to a dog and sent to see his broner (bro owner). Be as creative and ruthless as possible - there isn't any time a bro can refuse an Ice, so use this to your advantage.

It seems like the Ice block (where you block an Ice by presenting an Ice of your own) is pretty controversial in some areas.

The ability to Ice block is paramount to Icing your bros. I make sure to carry an Ice everywhere I go for the occasional block. When I go to the gym to work out, I always have an Ice block nearby. When I take a shower, I take an Ice with me; basically, think of the situations where you might be most vulnerable and carry an Ice with you.

That sounds like a lot of work.

Icing forces you to live in a constant state of fear of being Iced, but it is rewarded when you see the face of your bro when you block his Ice. I have personally found myself carrying an Ice just about everywhere, maybe even two - one so I can Ice a bro and another so I can block an Ice if a bro thinks I'm out.


To summarize, you need to go buy Smirnoff Ice just TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SMIRNOFF ICE, and we will all live in a state of constant fear for the forseeable future. On the plus side, first person to ICE ASHTON or to 'Ice an Ice' wins! (Pics or it didn't happen, people.)