yelp yackSan Francisco-based Jessica Wassil thinks a lot of Yelp reviewers are hilarious. On her new blog, Yelp Yack, she illustrates characters behind anonymous Yelp reviews.

I got the idea from personal experience as a waitress. I could tell after waiting on someone if they were going home to write a Yelp review. And pretty much they would embellish the hell out of the experience, which i found hilarious rather than insulting. I also realized that people actually listen to these 'expert reviewers.' I have friends that wont try a place if it has less than three starts. Yelp Works!
Which is kinda scary, when you consider how these entitled yahoos have the power to make or break a new restaurant. We asked her why she thinks people are so nutso on Yelp.
I think people are insane on Yelp because you are giving them this forum to unleash the beast within. Being able to 'tell someone off somewhat anonymously can really snowball into ridiculousness. Plus people love thinking they are now these expert professional reviewers. Great for those unemployed writers!
Ugh. People are the worst. Look out self-righteous reviewers, now you are the ones who are going to be reviewed!

After the jump, Jessica's favorite review, with brand new illustration.

yelp yack

After teaching a belly class I started craving bacon. Nice crisp bacon.. I went with some fellow dancers and we were frankly starving from all that dancing.

We walk in and i could smell the attitude over the food. It was chilly outside and we had on our belly garb so we wanted to wait inside for our table.. OH NO! The waitress scurried us outside and said she would let us know when SHE was ready for us.

Because I was starving i decided to pre-order some bacon while we waited. the waitress acted as if i asked her for her raybans. after the stare down she reluctantly put my order in.

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